It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? — 8 Comments

  1. I’m in the middle of the third book in the Gunslinger Series by Stephen King.
    My son-in-law suggested I read it. I had never been interested in it before although Ihad read all of Stephen King’s works up til that point. Just reading the blurb and first chapter didn’t seem to draw me in.
    I discovered this is one of those stories where you have to bear with it for awhile before it gets interesting. I’m liking it now. I didn’t really care for most of the first book – the landscape is so drab, Roland’s life is so pitiful, and the people he meets aren’t very nice. I felt I had no one to relate to in the story until he met Jake. It got more interesting then, the second book continued to grow better and the third is better yet. I hear the 4th is where it really takes off.
    I’m glad I stuck with it 🙂

  2. I read The Mists of Avalon by Bradley years ago really enjoyed it. The only thing I’m reading right now is my textbook. Hopefully I’ll have more time later on this week. Happy reading.

  3. Have been reading a lot of politics and history for the past few months. Decided I needed a break and have started on a series of mysteries by Tana French. Just finished the first one “In the Woods” It was a real page turner.
    The author has a great command of the English language and uses it well.

    Now, I’m starting on David Kessler’s ;The End of Overeating’. Need to get into that before Thanksgiving!

    • Oh, I think I’d like the Tana French book, especially since it’s set in Dublin.

      I’ve been recommending The End of Overeating to a lot of people recently — moving into the holiday season and then the New Year is a great time for it.

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