Readers’ Workouts — November 6 — 7 Comments

  1. This week’s plan:
    – 1 hour gym workout including cardio, weights, and ballet barre, Monday/Wednesday/Friday

    – several hours’ walking around the Royal Agricultural Fair on the weekend 🙂

    Gotta stay on top of the workouts so I don’t feel like I can’t partake of (a sensible amount of) upcoming holiday treats!

    • Great plan! I think it’s so helpful to go into the holiday season with healthy habits already in place.

  2. Participating on Twitter with everyone has been so much fun, Joy! I find I’m extra motivated because I know everyone else is doing the same and rooting for me, as well. The most difficult thing about doing the Shred for me is finding a time when I have a bit of privacy (there’s not a great deal of extra space in our condo!), but so far it’s worked out well. I just have to be flexible enough to decide, almost last minute, “hey! everyone’s gone. I should do the Shred”. 🙂

    • I’m finding the Twitter buddies extra motivating, too!

      One of the nice things about Shred is it takes so little space. Although, I substitute dance moves for jumps, so I need a little more. I usually put the DVD in my computer where I have a more private space set up for myself instead of the TV where it’s right in the middle of everything.

  3. It has indeed been a lot of fun doing Shred with everyone! I’m battling a cold or sinus infection so I’m afraid of what it’ll do over the next couple of days but I’m going to try to power through it. I do wish that the DVD was a little longer, though–I wasn’t quite as fatigued after last night’s workout as I was the first one so I know I’ll need to supplement it starting soon (in addition to the running I’m doing) but I think it’s a great place to get started. Thanks for all of the enthusiasm Joy! It certainly makes a big difference.

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