Weekend Cooking: Homemade Frozen Yogurt — 14 Comments

  1. Great idea to make yogurt. I love the combination of applesauce with maple syrup! My poor ice cream maker is gathering dust 🙁 When I get ambitious I will try your recipe. I took the container out of the freezer because I needed the room. Not good at planning ahead so I had left it there. Now I haven’t used it in some time.

  2. I was actually thinking of making some frozen yogurt this weekend!! I made some the other day that just included yogurt, blueberries, and sugar. Was delicious. Though I agree that making frozen dessert does take a bit of planning ahead! Wish that it was a quicker process. I’ll be wrapping up my Operation Ice Cream Maker next weekend.

  3. I have the same ice cream maker and just keep the bowl in the freezer all the time. I adore grade B maple syrup — I bet your yogurt tastes wonderful. I sure wish I had some evaporated skim milk in the house. Next week ….

  4. those proportions sound reasonable. i do have one of those style of icecream makers , but stopped using it as the recipes were calling for many cups of table ccream. just too fatty. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I don’t have an ice cream maker, but am now harboring hope that my family will decided to get me one for Christmas… seems like a great investment! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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  7. You know, frozen yogurt is one of those things I’ve always meant to make, but have not gotten around to actually making yet! I have to give it a try before all of the hot weather is gone. I will definitely use your method!

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