Readers’ Workouts August 21 — 6 Comments

  1. After a 2 month hiatus for physical therapy, I’m back at my 2.5 hours a week level of karate, picking up the third hour next week when I go back to sparring class. Hopefully I can test for 3rd degree brown belt this year, we’re in the review stage now.

    And I am hopelessly mired in Game of Thrones books. I was warned and I didn’t listen and I’m partway through book 3.

    • So far I’ve resisted the allure of Game of Thrones — but your comment is the second time in two days that I’ve been tempted! My resistance may not hold out much longer.

      Yay for getting back to your karate! Working toward the brown belt would be very exciting!

  2. I agree; it’s been great to have a weekly report to stay consistent and hold myself accountable. Thanks for hosting this! I have nothing to report except that I haven’t done any running in eight days again because of an injury. SIGH! šŸ™

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