Wordless Wednesday — Birr Castle, Ireland — 6 Comments

    • He was wonderful! We were supposed to take about an hour’s walk on the estate and then have lunch. We didn’t eat lunch until 3pm! He loved talking about plants, science, and the history of his family. He made a specific point to talk about the women because he thinks that women scientists in history have been hidden and dismissed for too long.

  1. Joy, Birr Castle Demesne is one of my favorite places on the planet, and you were very fortunate to have Lord Rosse himself guide you. He is a delight in many regards, and you couldn’t have custom-ordered a better experience there.

    I imagine that he mentioned Mary Ward while talking about noteworthy women in his family. You might be interested in this short piece about the Fourth Earl (much of which is about Mary Ward, too) over on my intermittent blog. The Parsons have long been a remarkably able family, and one way they became that was by not wasting the talents of any member, no matter which gender they happened to be!

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