Readers’ Workouts July 10 — 12 Comments

  1. Last week was tough with the heat. Reading seemed like a much better idea than exercising. I muddled through and tried to eat light to compensate. It’s cool this morning so I will try to catch up on my minutes!

    • There’s still a lot of month left after the heat wave. It’s amazing how good 90 degrees feels to me now!

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    • I’m using Wii Fit Plus and Walk It Out. If I do all 15 of the Wii workouts I plan this month, I’m going to reward myself with Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics. I don’t know how good the exercise is, but I thought it would be fun!

  3. (Natalie from Coffee and a Book Chick posting from my other blog). Yay to cooler weather! Isn’t it funny how temperature under 100 degrees is thrilling? Today, Virginia Beach is only going tobe at 82 degrees at the most and I’m hoping the humidity cooperates as well *fingers crossed*

    • 82 degrees sounds positively delightful! A month ago, I was in Ireland where they think 70 degrees is hot even in the summer! It’s amazing what we can get used to.

  4. I clocked in last week with 456 minutes of exercise. That averages to 65 minutes a day for seven days, but I really worked out 6 days of the week.. a couple of days running 30+ minutes, a couple of 60min classes at the gym and 2-2.5 hrs on the bike a couple of days.

    It was really hot here in NJ last week, too.. but I get up at 5:00 am several days a week and get my workouts in early anyway, so the heat was manageable. I can tolerate a bit higher heat index on the bike because I make my own breeze riding at an average speed of 15+mph [24+kmh] most of the ride! haha! Running my temp limit is 82 F [27.8 C] with the heat index. Any higher than that and I am TOO hot and it all gets really uncomfortable and it takes a long time for me to regulate my body temp after that.

    Wishing you all a productive week ahead! 🙂

    • Early mornings and biking instead of running seem like great ways to beat the heat! I hope you have a cooler week this week — it looks like that’s what we’re getting.

  5. Just flew out of 27 degree weather in Vancouver to 15 degree weather in Oxford; much nicer for runs, walks, hikes etc. Good for you Joy, getting out there and setting workout goals. I’ll go take a walk to the Thames and post and link. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    • Walking among the “dreaming spires” of Oxford is at the top of my list of fantasy workouts!

  6. I haven’t been keeping track of how long I cycle but I’ve been getting on my bike as much as possible. Yay for weather that’s under 100 degrees! 😉

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