Book Review: Why Calories Count by Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim — 10 Comments

  1. This sounds really good. I love it that adding a salad makes people automatically think few calories. And portion SIZE is so important. One 1.5-inch-diameter cookie from the 1950s is not the same as one of the 6- to 8-inch-diameter cookies we get today. So yes, in today’s super-size world, a single baked good is really enough for two or three.

  2. This book sounds like a really informative and great read. I like that it would be too much for the non-science person! And I agree with so many points you’ve mentioned already. Enjoyed your review, will check this one out. Thanks!

  3. Love anything about food. I have been known to lay about reading cooking magazines as if they were novels, recipes like poems.
    One of my all time favorite books is Margaret Visser’s “Much Depends on Dinner,” in which she examines the origins and mythology of six common foods.
    It’s beautifully researched, entertaining and humorous to boot.

  4. Thanks for the nice write-up! Sounds like great info presented in an accessible format. 700 calories? Didn’t realize. I can see I really need to read this book and learn better calorie counting.

  5. I like the idea of this book, I just worry I’d get turned off by all the science-y stuff. That’s pretty much why I abandoned The Omnivore’s Dilemma. While I adore Michael Pollan and his message, I just couldn’t get into all that minutiae that he discussed in that book. So I just got the crux of his argument from watching him on Oprah instead of reading the book. Terrible, I know.

    So yes, while this book intrigues me, I’m not sure it would sustain my interest. You lose me the second you start talking about science or math. My eyes glaze over and I stop paying attention. LOL!

  6. The sit less point is an important one for me. I sit all day at work and then come home sitting on the train and then sit at the computer when I do get home.

    Thanks for the post.,

  7. sounds like it contains some fascinating stuff, specially the part about how we perceive the amount of calories in our food. I laugh at the people who buy a 2 litre of diet pop, and say that it saves the enough calories to eat that big bag of chips. If it worked, they wouldn’t still be fat.

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