The Betrayal of the Muffin — Musings on Julia’s Child — 21 Comments

  1. I, too, used to have a serious muffin addiction. I would grab one from the deli on my way to class, and later, on my way to teach. So easy to eat on the run, and delicious, to boot. When NYC required food establishments to put calorie counts on their menus, the reality hit me in the face and it HURT! I still make muffins at home every once in awhile, though…

  2. That’s why I don’t eat a lot of muffins. I don’t like that Americans eat so many sweets for breakfast, even in the guise of bran muffins. If I’m going to indulge in something fattening I opt for a croissant.

    I gave away my bread machine to make room for my stand mixer but I now I want it back.

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  4. So true! When I designed the recipes for this book, it was no easy task. Little kids need fat and calories, but they really don’t need sugar. I baked up some real disasters before I landed on recipes tasty enough to be included in the book. It was quite an education.

  5. I think you nailed it with muffiins are “just cupcakes without icing”. I don’t eat muffins very often, but now I will give it much more thought before I eat one and try to choose something better.

  6. Ah, you denounced muffins today, and I focused on a muffin recipe! I do love them, but probably because of their not-so-healthy ingredients. Mmm… carrot muffins. I think I shall look up a recipe…

  7. Hmm.. I am not sure. It depends on the muffins that you make I think. If you make chocolate chip muffins, then sure that can’t be too healthy. However when I make my broccoli muffins, I don’t feel like I am eating unhealthy. Or spinach muffins for example. I guess it is all about how the muffins are made. But I love the breads my machine makes too 🙂

  8. Yes, muffins can be very unhealthy. I usually treat them as I would a dessert, and only indulge occasionally. At least the ones I make at home have less sugar than those oversized grocery store ones.

  9. What a fun post to read—I am a muffin lover and got a chuckle out of your cupcake w/o frosting observation! Oh true you are -and I like you, have learned to avoid them! I would be interested in your pumpkin bread recipe, as pumpkin quick bread is something I crave in the fall…

  10. Good analysis of muffins. I like muffin for their portability and small servings but you are right about the unnecessary sodium, sugar and fat in most of them.

  11. Oh I’m glad you shared this post! Yeah, muffins just can’t be put in the category of healthy. A friend of mine says this in response to carrot muffins and banana bread: “But it’s a *whole wheat* doughnut!” LOL

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