Eating in Ireland — 27 Comments

  1. Loved this post. Wow. Rocket is also arugula and roquette. You can get in most American grocery stores (though it won’t be wild).

    I think your picnic looks the best!

  2. Now I’m getting excited for my trip next month! Good to know about the pudding… I will let my husband know (who I’m sure will pass at this). I tend to get very strict with eating on vacation, I never trust that some animal element is included! Lot’s of salad for me 🙂

    Sounds like you had a lovely time!

    • Mari– Watch for “super salads.” I saw them at least twice. They are salads made with ingredients that show up on lists of super foods. So healthy and quite tasty, too!

  3. We just booked a spontaneous trip to Ireland and I can’t wait to show my husband the picture of your hotel room picnic. Love!! We haven’t made any concrete plans yet so I’ll have to see if Bunratty Castle is close to where we’ll be.

  4. How fun to read about your food in Ireland. We have the rocket lettuce over here in the Netherlands as well, and it is lovely to grow on my balcony. A very easy vegetable to grow 🙂

  5. Your trip sounds like it was wonderful and the food mouthwatering, except the black pudding which I never much cared for. The Grace Kelly salad looks delicious.

  6. My family is from Cork and Tipperary, and I was lucky enough to travel there and meet them after high school. I couldn’t believe the size of the breakfasts — they made lunch pretty much unnecessary. Glad you had such a fabulous trip!

    • Our tour was constantly running behind schedule. It was fairly common to have breakfast at 7:30 and not get to lunch until 3:00 — I was grateful for a large breakfast on those days!

    • The potatoes are amazing in Ireland! I recommend going in June when the new potatoes are so delicious.

  7. Eating anywhere works for me! My favorite style has to be grazing, nibbling a little of this and that, always with bread. Scrumptious pix, especially the last one. Food and paper work so beautifully together, like opening a present.

  8. Oh, I’m SO jealous. I would SO love to take a trip to Ireland. It sounds amazing. I would be hunting down cheese, whisky, beer, and some of that wild rocket (I have a slight addiction to it right now!).

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