Weekend Cooking: The Weight of the Nation — 11 Comments

  1. I get HBO and forgot about the Weight of the Nation — I’ll have to check out OnDemand and see if I can catch up. I don’t believe in any food plan that says “you can never eat [fill in the blank]” — so I think moderation is the key. And despite *what* you’re eating, one must never lose track of the fact that calories in must be lower than calories out if you want to drop pounds.

  2. I haven’t seen this series, but I did recently watch Forks over Knives, and it sounds like the results are the same – eat more plant-based foods! Something I should take to heart…

  3. I have a view that much of what is done in the so-called war on obesity is completely misguided. I would rather governments focused on teaching children how important it is to eat healthily and be a healthy weight. I do think prevention is much better than the cure, here.

    And for those of us carrying a little too much weight, there needs to be understanding that the reality is that without something drastic like surgery (or full time weight loss like on the Biggest Loser) the best outcome is probably losing 20-30 lbs and still being a bit porky.

  4. I have only had to go on a diet once – after the birth of the fifth baby. I looked at myself in the mirror one day in a store changing room. I looked kind of lumpy around the thighs! I was horrified, because I had always been really thin.

    Anyway, I had read this article in Woman’s World…you envision an X on your dinner plate that is dividing it into fourths. Two of those fourths have to be filled with fruits and/or veg. One fourth is starch, and the last protein. You get three meals a day like that. No snacks. Plus, I did aerobics and lifted weights.

    It really worked. I got down to 129 lbs, which is thin because I am 5’9″. So, now that baby is 13 yo, and I weigh about 142, which I am fine with. I’m almost 50 and I don’t want to knock myself out any more, you know? So, I just eat ‘whatever.’ But, I know that if I ever look in the mirror again and panic, I can go back to that X-plate diet!

  5. Joy, for over a year now I have been baking all of our bread, and the result is that we eat more bread than we used to. Good bread, but it has its down side too: all those carbs. We need to cut down. I love baking, unfortunately. Maybe it is time to find a new love. Sensational salads.

  6. I like how you wrote this post Joy. You stated both sides of the issue without favoring either one and then you gave us suggestions on how you, personally, are dealing with food. Very interesting. Congrats on your 70+ pound loss.

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