Wondrous Words Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Joy,

    I shall be quite happy to go along with your interpretation of the definition, as my knowledge of Greek and for that matter religion, is very limited.

    There are many words which we English spell with an ‘s’, rather than the ‘z’ which American English uses, although we do tend to lapse and use the ‘z’ on occasion.

    Thanks so much for an interesting post,


  2. I think I may have it!

    Apostasy is to STAND away from – to separate yourself from the church.

    Apostle is one who is SENT away from (to go out and tell the good news).

    That is what I was able to find anyway – I am not a Greek scholar – LOL!

  3. Joy, my son was a spelling bee kid who went to nationals twice and then went on to participate twice in the shortlived National Vocabulary Championship. We lived and breathed word roots for several years around here. Takes me back.

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