It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? — 6 Comments

  1. I just started Quiet, by Susan Cain, all about introverts, shyness and sensitivity, and it is a great read. I’m reading about how introverts can be better leaders than extroverts if their underlings are active not passive because the underlings get heard, get invested in the project, and things go well, where extroverts work better with passive underlings. Fascinating stuff!

    • Just finished “Quiet”last night. Mothers of intorverted babies can be reassured that their baby, too, can be successful. Proud mothers of ‘introverts are the moms of Steve Wozniak, Ghandi and Bill Gates.

  2. Hi Joy,

    Don’t mention hot flushes, middle age has a lot to answer for!!

    I find that taking Black Cohosh tablets is helping me no end, although I only take them if I really need to, because I don’t really trust any medicines 100%.

    I have read quite a bit of Johanna Lindsey’s work in the past, but nothing recently … however I do like the sound of ‘Lavender Morning’, tempted enough in fact, to add it to my reading list.

    I can definitely only read one book at a time, I would be having a fit if someone insisted that I start four books at the same time, I don’t know how you do it. Mind you, I am quite a slow and methodical reader, so nothing would be gained by me trying to speed read, or multi-task!

    Enjoy your books,


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