Happy St. Patrick’s Day! — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Joy- I did not realize that you were in Kansas City! I went to UMKC many years ago and I liked to visit the Plaza too – my apt was right by there! If I were going to Ireland this year, I would talk about it too!! Congrats! Have you read “In the Company of Others?” It is about a couple that go to a B&B in Ireland – I really liked it!

    • We traveled to Kansas City last week — I’m in Kirkwood, a suburb of St. Louis, so Kansas City is a lovely trip for us.

      I requested In the Company of Others from the library — it looks like a fun book to read before our trip!

  2. We’re having salmon for dinner though we opted NOT to spring for the $19/pound organic Irish version (but it looked good!). Potatoes, salad, and Irish soda bread should round things out.

  3. Lucky you having such a great trip to look forward to! I think your irish meal sounds good-but even though I like Colconnan, my kids have never been a fan. I think we are having non-Irish Quinoa tonight~!

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