Books to Support Goals and Resolutions — A question for the BAND — 23 Comments

  1. Joy, my first Montana garden would not have happened without Guide to Rocky Mountain Vegetable Gardening by Robert Gough & Cheryl Moore-Gough. What an interesting question you asked here.

  2. I just recently heard about “mind mapping” or “visual mapping” — I found a different book about it on Amazon. And, the whole concept fascinates me! I, too, am a “visual” learner — I remember things soooo much better if I SEE them, then if I’d just heard them!

    I’m grateful that you mentioned the other book, “How to Study With Mind Maps“, as 1) I hadn’t heard of it before, and (2) I have plans to go back to school, myself, eventually, to get my B.A. degree with a major in English. 😉



  3. PS… Thank you – thank you – thank you for posting about The B.A.N.D! I had no idea it existed… but I am an AVID reader of nonfiction, and that’s sooooo right up my alley! 😀 Can you tell I’m excited to have found that site? LOL. 😀


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