logo for Bloggers' Alliance of Nonfiction DevoteesFor the January gathering of the BAND — Bloggers’ Alliance of Nonfiction Devotees, advocates for nonfiction as a non-chore — I asked how we use books to support our goals, resolutions, and projects.

I answered the question in the original post, Books to Support Goals and Resolutions — A question for the BAND, with a recap of the books that I used in 2003 to get myself ready to go to graduate school, supporting the resolution “learn to learn.”

Fay of Read, Ramble mentioned in a comment to the BAND post that “my first Montana garden would not have happened without Guide to Rocky Mountain Vegetable Gardening by Robert Gough & Cheryl Moore-Gough.”

MizB of Should Be Reading discovered the BAND this month, So Excited to Try This!: B.A.N.D, and weighed in with books on two topics: web design and good health.

Pamela of I Read. Do You? is another new member of the BAND. She brings us an eclectic selection of books to support healthy living, faith, and discovering and doing the really important things in life: January gathering of the BAND: Bloggers’ Alliance of Nonfiction Devotees

Amy at Amy Reads devotes a large portion of her reading to projects: Band January 2012: Reading for Projects and Goals. She highlighted The Real Help project, the Year of Feminist Classics reading project, and the Roommate Challenge.

Julie at Read Handed is exploring education and education policy through her reading and has a terrific list of titles on the topic: BAND Discussion: Reading to Support Goals.

Maphead’s Book Blog thrives on projects: BANDing together for projects and goals. Each project from 2011 or 2012 is listed with its own theme title and explanation. Here’s a teaser of themes: About Time I Read It, Biographies of Faith, Point-Counterpoint. But go read the explanations and sample titles — lots of things to consider there.

Marilyn at Me, You, and Books is new to the BAND and to book blogging! Welcome to the tribe! She wrote about “reading to include more global perspectives on women’s lives, especially from women’s autobiographies and memoirs:” BAND: Blogger’s Alliance of Nonfiction Devotees.

Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness wants more focus. Her post, BAND January Discussion: Books to Support Resolutions, lists books examining that fascinating nexus of brain science and modern technology.

The rogue anthropologist plans to use books to boost her understanding of community organizing and to improve her photography, January BAND: Don’t let your resolutions be fictions.

Belle Wong of MsBookish.com brought us the ten most creative-inspiring books: From My Shelves: Ten Books for Creative Inspiration. Just seeing the list made me want to go make something!

Here is a list of all the BAND discussions, so far, especially for you new people to see what we’ve done in the past. (Thanks to Amy of Amy Reads who gathered these at the top of her BAND post this month).

I believe most, if not all, of the original founders of BAND have hosted a discussion so now might be an excellent time for someone new to squeeze in. If you have an idea for a discussion topic, let one of us know.

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Books for Resolutions, Goals, and Projects — January BAND wrap-up — 7 Comments

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  2. Thank you for this round-up and discussion, Joy – and for suggesting the creative inspiration post. I had such a fun time going through all my books for the post, and it’s been a really creative week this week as a result!

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