Joining Team Kickin It — 5 Comments

  1. GAH! Great post and love the book recommendation! Its funny you mention a book because as I read Dystopian fiction the humor side of me thinks “wow, it really would be survival of the fittest… I am going to want to be able to run… and fight…” LOL.. not that I am thinking we will one day be “Hunger Games”

    Glad to have you on board!!!

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  3. Welcome to Checkpoint!

    I love that you are focused on being fit. 90% of the time this is my focus, I just happen to have two events scheduled during the first half of the year but staying fit it the primary goal.

    Stay focused this week, make time for yourself!

  4. I highly recommend Leslie Sansone’s books — “Walk Away the Pounds” and “Eat Smart, Walk Strong“. I also love Leslie’s workout DVDs… both the “Walk Away the Pounds” series and the “Walk At Home” series. I’ve been using these since 2005, and still haven’t gotten bored with them. I love that you can do them in the comfort of your own living room … even if you don’t have a ton of space! 😉


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