cpd 23 Thing 5 – Reflective Practice — 3 Comments

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  2. I enjoyed your post, and commend your discipline on creating this novel. I’d love to hear of your work being pitched to royalty publishers. Maybe spend a month on a book proposal as part of your re-write process? I’m excited to witness your ability to keep up with a sizeable word count for a month. YAY! To state a goal is to be more intentional about actualizing a goal, so I’m stating this for accountability: I intend to write 2 more book proposals with 3 sample chapters each, and 3 one-sheet mini-proposals, so that when I attend my next writers conference I can pitch 5 books to potential acquisitions editors. I have 3 months to get it all done. I’d love for us to be cheerleaders for each other. I’m rooting you on with your novel endeavors and would love your support on these book goals of mine.

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