Book Review: The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenry — 19 Comments

  1. where is the knife..I think we need to eat that tomato right now. A little sprinkle of salt..some iced tea…and we have lunch!

    Btw, I loved The Kitchen Daughter. I know some reviews had issues with the ghosts, but while I would not consider myself a fan of magical realism, I though it added a unique twist to the book that you can interpret in several different ways.

  2. Oh I’d love a taste of that midwestern heirloom. I’d even go for just a sniff. Ours are about a month away here in northern California. I’ve sworn off any tomato that doesn’t come from ours or a local garden, so I’m salivating at your picture. Enjoy it for me, please.

    I won a copy of The Kitchen Daughter and it just came this week. I’m glad you got so much from it. I’ve bookmarked your review so I can come back again before I read. I’m going to save it for a less hectic time so I can read it without rushing through it.

  3. The book sounds interesting, and the tomato looks delicious. Our tomatoes are about golf-ball size and still green, so we’ve got a ways to go. Enjoy! Thanks for the great review. I’ll keep my eyes open for this book at my library.

  4. Your tomato looks wonderful. I have had a couple from my garden but they have been not the best. We’ve had too many weather extremes I think.

    I have had this book on my wish list and am going to check for it at the library. So many people have really enjoyed it.

  5. I really think this sounds wonderful. I believe there are great gifts to be had in this autism spectrum. And I do believe most of us have it to a degree. This book sounds fascinating to me.

  6. So gald to see that you enjoyed this one too. With respect to the voicing of Ginny, this book brought to mind Jodi Picoult’s House Rules, another one where the character with Asperger’s is so authentically portrayed.

    Those tomatoes look fabulous 🙂 I just had a very mushy one at lunch today, ugh..wish I had a bite of one of these.

  7. I love how much good attention this book is getting this weekend.

    Ohhhhh and love your tomato — nothing better than a warm hierloom straight from the garden.

  8. Oh, I’m totally envious of that heirloom tomato! We planted 5 varieties this year, and the chipmunks are getting most of them 🙁

    I enjoyed THE KITCHEN DAUGHTER, lots to think about, as you say with “This is a bathtub book, not a carry around in your purse to read at odd moments book.” What a fun way to differentiate types of reading … I knew exactly what you meant!

  9. I agree with you about Ginny’s voice — a nice place to visit, but a place you’re glad not to be stuck in too much. I think that’s part of why I enjoyed the book, the voice and narrative were so different from other books similar to this one.

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  12. It’s interesting that you say we could all be on the autism spectrum depending on how wide we make that spectrum. You aren’t the first one to bring this up, and it’s so interesting to me when I read books or watch tv or see people who I *know* must be on the spectrum – interesting to me when the authors I don’t think intentionally did so… makes me wonder if they’re somewhere on the spectrum, too.

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