Book Review: Panini Express — 16 Comments

    • Page 82 is Turkey and Stilton with Cranberry-Orange Relish. There’s a photo and it looks amazing!

  1. I love tuna salad and eat it two or three times a week in various forms. I’ve never once thought about pairing it with swiss cheese in a panini. As I read through your recipe it just sounded so good. I have to give it a try.

    • I made some paninis on my parents’ George Forman grill. The problem is the lid won’t lay flat on top of the sandwich, so all the filling wants to squish out toward the front. But it’s probably worth experimenting with to see if you like the concept before buying a special machine. Just use fillings that aren’t too gooey!

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  3. I gwet panini sandwichs at my local coffee shop. They do a great job of a veggie one. Not planning to get one for myself, though I do enjoy reading about the various combinations of fillings.

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