Booking Through Thursday: Serial — 12 Comments

  1. I loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder books growing up. I remember reading the first one when I was home sick from school one week and not being able to wait to read the rest. I read a lot of series growing up to and I remember them more than I do the stand alones (although a firm favourite was Roald Dahl which would be stand alone). It wasn’t until I started reading science fiction I got into series again.

    Incidentally which Thursday Next did you give up on? He has split the series into four. The first four is Thursday next and the following four (starting with First Amongst Equals) is set mainly in Fiction. His newest one is almost entirely in fiction and is slightly different from the rest. Feels like it has a new spark of life.

    • I think I got lost in the The Well of Lost Plots. I’m not sure whether I should start again from the beginning or pick up somewhere in the middle.

      • That’s the third book in the first quartet. I might read them all again at some point. Would be interesting to see what I think of the ones I was disappointed with now that I know how the author has split them.

  2. My sister read more than I did when we were kids. But I read some of your Boxcar Children books, and had the same reaction to Mrs. Bridges. I read Tolkien in high school, and after that I preferred fantasy fiction in series, so I wouldn’t have to think about what to read next, but really preferred series that were finished before I discovered them! I’m about to finish the 4th JRR Martin novel and, 5th is due in July, and then it will be years of waiting.

    Our Dad turned me on to SciFi beginning with the Asimov series, but I prefer Larry Niven and most of his stand alone, with a few broadly separated pairs. He also wrote one series of four books, over four decades, without ever promising the next book so I guess I should say “so far.” Interesting to see how changing real-world science changed this far-future series over the years.

  3. Do you like cozy mysteries? If so, try the culinary mysteries by Nancy Fairbanks or the Death on Demand series by Carolyn Hart, or Regan O’Reilly series by Carol Higgins Clark.

    Here’s my answer.

  4. I like both, though I tend to read standalone books more often. Also, as I was thinking about this question, I realized I do tend to prefer series that end: Harry Potter, for example. I like trilogies a lot too. Not sure if they count as series or not!

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