Book Review: Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson — 10 Comments

  1. First of all, what a great way of eating more vegetables. More colors doesn’t only mean a more interesting plate to look at, but it’s also healthier 🙂 I also love how you re-review this cookbook. I hadn’t heard of it yet, although I know of her (beautiful) website. It’s going onto my wishlist!

  2. I agree, that’s a great way to get into the habit of eating more vegetables. Vegetable eating has never been a problem for us — plenty of fruits and veggies here every day — but I can see that the rainbow approach would be fun and easy for those who need incentive.

    Funny how techniques or ingredients that seemed intimidating at first can become normal with some experience and time. I’ll have to check out these cookbooks.

  3. Great post! We usually do ok in the fruit/veggie department, but we are always looking for new and interesting ways to incorporate more. (Of course, we have our bad moments. 😉 ) This sounds like fun. I’ll keep my eye out for that cookbook.

  4. I love how you challenged yourself to start eating a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables! And I’ll definitely be checking out Heidi Swanson’s book!

  5. At my house we are a testing recipes from a cookbook this week, and it’s involved lots of fresh veggies. What a treat. Even the sauces are all made from scratch. It is a bit hard in the winter to get some of the veggies at an affordable price, but you have to do what you have to do. A few frozen fit in just fine.

  6. question about eating the rainbow — I find it hard to prepare more than one vegetable a day. It’s a lot of work, plus have a small fridge, so hard to keep stocked up on stuff.

    How does one do it in a non-timeconsuming way?

    • Well, the first thought is Michael Pollan’s observation that in order to put food back in its proper place of value in our society, most of us need to spend more money or more time or both. And I do complain a lot about how much time I spend in the kitchen.

      That said, most of my color comes from salads and I just had a salad that took all of about five minutes to fix. I wash the salad greens when I get home from the store (get red romaine or some other lettuce that is both red and green for two colors with one effort). Chop up a carrot (that goes fast and they keep for a long time). Add dried blueberries. Spoon on a dressing (I make my own — I made this one last night with dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, honey, and extra virgin olive oil. The turmeric in the mustard adds some yellow and is supposed to be good for heart health! I made sure I made plenty last night so that I could make my salads faster today). Add some nuts for crunch and more nutrition (a generous amount if this is to be a main dish salad, less so if there is other protein with the meal). Finish the meal with an apple or a banana and you’ve got a quickly fixed meal with five or more colors (lettuce for red and green, carrots for orange, mustard and banana or apple for yellow/white, blueberries for the dark colors). I eat this big salad (and endless variations) nearly every day at lunch and often at dinner.

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