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    • This WordPress book is a bit more for businesses, I think, with background on how WordPress works under the hood. Although, there are certainly some hints along the way. For more of a hints book, I liked WordPress for Dummies.

  1. I really like your New Year’s idea of reading 34 books that fit your healthy lifestyle! Sounds like you’re already reading some great ones! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I’m happy you’re reading The 3 Day Solution Plan, but the book and the method have been updated to be easier and power powerful.

    The latest book is Wired for Joy and there are groups, website tools, etc. to help you do it. The new “functional medicine” is about the chemical effects of “getting to Brain State 1” where everything is easier.

    Also, if you have a drive to overeat (and who doesn’t), we developed a new Survival Circuit tool that gives you techniques for rewiring the addictive drive for comfort food. It’s discussed in the Wired for Joy book, too.

    Thanks for adding to the JOY of my day!!!


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