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Last week, I reviewed Pink Floyd — The Wall. Tina reviewed the book Daughters of Ireland, second in a trilogy. Mike honored our Independence Day by sharing photos and a history of the memorial to John F. Kennedy at Runnymede. Sim discussed the prequel to Prime Suspect that is currently running on PBS Masterpiece. Becky reviewed a children’s biography of J.R.R. Tolkien, John Ronald’s Dragons.

Edge of Tomorrow

Aliens, time travel, and war with echoes of the D-Day landings

Edge of Tomorrow tells an unusual alien attack story. Tom Cruise plays Major William Cage, a communications officer with no combat experience or interest. Emily Blunt plays a war hero, Rita Vrataski, the angel of Verdun, who won the only successful battle in the five years that earthlings have fought against the alien enemy.

The twist is the “Live. Die. Repeat.” from the film poster. Think Groundhog Day as a sci-fi thriller. Or, think about playing a video game where dying means you get to start over again, using accumulated knowledge to play better next time. The filmmakers created humor in the many ways that Tom Cruise dies, knowing he will live to fight another day.

For British Isles Friday, the best parts are the scenes set in London — things happening in the streets, squares, and along the Thames that I never expected, except in science fiction. There’s a similar horrified fascination at the end of the film for those of us who love Paris, too.

Edge of Tomorrow
was filmed at the Leavesden Studios near London, better known as the host of the Harry Potter films.

Have you seen Edge of Tomorrow? What did you think? My husband fell asleep, but I think that’s because he was tired, not meaningful commentary on the movie.


Edge of Tomorrow #FilmReview — 7 Comments

    • I’m not a Cruise fan, either, so I was surprised how much I liked that performance. He started off with that smarmy character he plays in Magnolia and ends as a Top Gun type warrior.

  1. I LOVED Edge of Tomorrow … in fact one of the links is to my take on the film from last year. Cruise and Blunt had amazing chemistry … really looking forward to a sequel!

  2. Not a film I would have taken much notice of if I hadn’t seen it reviewed here. Hope you enjoy a bit of British humour (I wonder?!) as a group of friends spend some time in the Yorkshire town of Whitby and take a trip on a heritage railway…

  3. That’s crazy- I just watched it for the first time last night and then I read your BIF post for this week! I thought it was really interesting and entertaining. I had forgotten that Tom Cruise does do good movies every now and then haha.

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