Edge of Tomorrow #FilmReview — 7 Comments

    • I’m not a Cruise fan, either, so I was surprised how much I liked that performance. He started off with that smarmy character he plays in Magnolia and ends as a Top Gun type warrior.

  1. I LOVED Edge of Tomorrow … in fact one of the links is to my take on the film from last year. Cruise and Blunt had amazing chemistry … really looking forward to a sequel!

  2. Not a film I would have taken much notice of if I hadn’t seen it reviewed here. Hope you enjoy a bit of British humour (I wonder?!) as a group of friends spend some time in the Yorkshire town of Whitby and take a trip on a heritage railway…

  3. That’s crazy- I just watched it for the first time last night and then I read your BIF post for this week! I thought it was really interesting and entertaining. I had forgotten that Tom Cruise does do good movies every now and then haha.

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