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Last week, I gave a short recap of the history of the London Bridge and, for Americans, described how to distinguish it from the fancier Tower Bridge. Sim, after documenting many miles of virtual walks in London, shared photos from her actual trip. Tina reviewed Living the Dream, a book about 20-somethings getting a start in life in London. Becky reviewed the 1968 mini-series of The Portrait of a Lady.

Shetland is a detective series set in the Shetland islands off the coast of Scotland. The scenery is definitely part of the appeal.

Shetland is a detective series set in the Shetland islands off the coast of Scotland. The scenery is definitely part of the appeal.

The stars of Shetland are Douglas Henshall as Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez, Alison O’Donnell as Detective Constable Alison MacIntosh (called by the nickname ‘Tosh’), and the dramatic scenery of sea and sky and landscape in coastal Scotland. Shetland dramatizes a series of crime novels by Ann Cleeves. She also wrote the Vera Stanhope novels that were the foundation of another series, that I loved, Vera.

I admit that I turned on closed captioning while watching this series. Without it, I was missing too many Scottish words and pronunciations. With it, I developed a fondness for the characters and culture.

An early episode let us witness an Up Helly Aa yule festival, complete with torches and a Viking longship. I also got a kick out of several episodes set in midsummer. Many of the characters complained of lack of sleep. There is so little darkness in the Shetland Islands at that time of year that hardly any one can get any rest.

All three series are available to stream on Netflix, 14 episodes all together. A fourth series has begun filming, according to Wikipedia.


Shetland #BriFri — 4 Comments

  1. I’m not sure if I tried to watch that series but it may have been the Scottish accents that confused me. In the Syndicate there is a character name Sean, he’s Scottish and sometimes very hard to understand. I never thought about the close caption feature. I will give this series a try.

  2. I LOVE Shetland (Vera too) and what a good idea to turn on closed captioning! They are a little hard to understand. Can you imagine living in a treeless world like that, so stark! But the countryside, the characters and the stories are as compelling as you indicate.

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