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  1. It is ‘Remembrance Sunday’ this weekend – equivalent to your Veterans’ Day. interesting post, above. Clearly, perception depends on where you’re looking from. We all, I suppose inevitably, have our pre-conceived notions and make judgements based on our own experiences. Having knowledge of other cultures is essential for meaningful dialogue (as well as being ‘good’ for you); but understanding (and empathy) is just as important. All the best salespeople know this 🙂 One of the interesting things about the US v the UK is how similar yet how different we are; so visiting is familiar enough to be comfortable but different enough to be intriguing?

    Personally, I think the biggest problem with Brexit is how it has polarised people to a ridiculous degree. But we need to get it sorted and move on in order to end the uncertainty. For what it’s worth (and comments from overseas aren’t always welcome), the most surprising thing to me about your presidential election is how did such a great country end up with two such seemingly unsuitable candidates? As it is, my advice to those who don’t like the result is that you need to engage and get on with it, try and mend any divisions there may be and see how things pan out. What other serious option is there? I don’t think protesting about the result of a vote you don’t like is very useful, unless you think it was rigged in some way.

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