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Time: // 8:37 am.

The scene: // Sunny and but not as warm as it looks. We may get rain later. The weather forecaster promises a spring-like week ahead after a rather dreary return to winter last week — we even, unexpectedly, woke to snow one morning!

Listening to: // Nothing yet.

Fairest by Marissa MeyerReading: // I read Fairest by Marissa Meyer in about 24 hours, finishing last night. I’ll read anything set in that world, but it wasn’t my favorite. For me to love a book, I have to be able to root for the characters. The book about the villain of this world was never going to make me as happy as the other story lines.

Blogging about: // Bloggiesta. I’ve been updating my original to-do list post. I started strong, but I’ve been getting less and less done through the week. One distraction, kind of related, was the Day in the Life posts that Trish at Love, Laughter, and Insanity timed to go with Bloggiesta. I posted a recap of Tuesday (one of my better Bloggiesta days) and I’m still working to get around to read everyone else’s. I also posted the results of Ms. Bookish’s mini-challenge to collect a treasure trove of post ideas. Check out and tell me if you want to see any of those posts.

If, in all the excitement, you missed the British Isles Friday post, I shared photos of Buckingham Palace and Mark of Carstairs Considers shared a couple of cozy mystery reviews that sound fun.

Participating in// I’m enjoying the Verbal to Visual Classroom. I made this piece to celebrate Sunday Salon and Bloggiesta:

Illustrated Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quote

This quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is from the poem Morituri Salutamus delivered at the 50th anniversary of the class of 1825, Bowdoin College

What are you up to this fine Sunday?

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Sunday Salon #Bloggiesta Edition — 10 Comments

  1. Whew. I just went back and looked at your to-do list for Bloggiesta. That was a lot to do, but it looks like you made good progress.

    A Day in The Life posts filled my day yesterday, especially my morning. I read all of them, I think, but didn’t comment on every single one, only the few people I knew.

  2. Very cool little book. I will explore the website, though it seems a bit pricey. You thoughts on that?

    I did a lot for bloggiesta, too, and have other projects I still need to tackle.

    Have a good week.

    • We’re getting a lot for the money, but I joined at the pre-start rate which was lower, so that helped.

      There are multiple videos, low-key homework activities for practice, forums for discussion, and a weekly webinar. Plus, we get access forever and since it’s being taught as a process, it’s easy to see how one would go through it a second time, and a third, for different applications and more practice.

  3. Love the drawing, nice to see an original way of presenting a quote and really stands out on the page. Very nice. I finally got around to tweaking my blogs look – had a custom header in mind using a friends hand-drawn design, involving a snail, but not be getting together anytime soon enough so made one last night myself from a flickr photo (CC2.0, attributed). Added to it and updated it today. Made and updated some pages too. Today’s post to do next. Other stuff to catch up with but mostly made my way thru to-do-list quite well. Really glad I joined in as have made some much needed progress this week and hopefully better organised and a bit better overall efficiency (!) Thank you again for the warm welcome to Bloggiesta and encouragement. Found some great blogs to vary my blog-reading visits with. Best wishes 🙂

  4. I’m not going to get my Bloggiesta to-do list done either, but plan on finishing them on my own time. Got so many great ideas from other participants that my list kept growing and growing!

    Sorry to hear that Fairest wasn’t your favorite. I’ve only read the first one, but plan on reading the rest of the series after it’s completed so I can binge-read.

    Happy Sunday!

  5. You got a lot done for Bloggiesta! I still need to come up with a trove of blog ideas. A few months ago, my daughter read Fairest and she didn’t care much for it either. Your reactions have me curious about the book. I hope you have a good week!

  6. Ooh, nice job on the Longfellow quote sketch! And nice job brainstorming about post ideas. As for Fairest, your reaction seems to be pretty much the same as I’m seeing elsewhere, which isn’t making me thrilled to read the book. And my library hold just came in, too! I’m thinking I might just hold off and wait for Winter.

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