Bloggiesta Spring 2015I’m so excited for the first-ever week-long Bloggiesta! Bloggiesta is a fun working party to make our blogs all nice and spiffy — spring-cleaning for the website.

In case you didn’t see it earlier, I’m running a mini-challenge for this Bloggiesta about Making Memes. Check it out! I have a very low-commitment level to join, so if you’ve ever wanted to have a good think about whether or not you want to host a meme, this is the perfect opportunity!

The Bloggiesta folks organized the Twitter chats for each day by a theme, so I’m going to follow the same themes to organize my goals this week.

Here’s the plan:

Sunday — Preparation. This is my standard list of what I do at the beginning of Bloggiesta.

Monday — PEOPLE.

  • Comment on Bloggiesta sign-up posts
  • Complete a people-oriented mini-challenge  Estella’s Revenge feed reader challenge
  • Look into nReply and other comment notifiers to put on my blog On hold while I decide about JetPack which might do the job for me
  • Think about how to establish a habit of replying to all comments on my blog
  • Look into Feedly
  • Think about how to establish a habit of reading blogs more regularly
  • 3pm Central Time: participate in Twitter chat on Comments and Followers

Tuesday — E-PRESENCE.

  • Complete a social media mini-challenge Suey’s Twitter Chat Tutorial
  • Catch up on Google Plus.
  • Think about how to establish a habit of using Google Plus more
  • Clean up all emails that are related to my blog
  • Reorganize my Pinterest boards
  • Think about how to make better use of Pinterest Lindsay’s Pin Your Author Interviews
  • Clean up my Twitter follows
  • 6pm Central Time: participate in Twitter chat on Social Media

Wednesday — DISPLAY.

  • Complete a display-oriented mini-challenge
  • Clean up my Categories
  • Update the Health Books page
  • Set up a Books Read page
  • 11am Central Time: participate in Twitter chat on layout

Thursday — REVIEWS.

  • Complete a mini-challenge about blog posts
  • Write all out-standing reviews
  • Draft other future posts
  • (no Twitter chat for me on Thursday because I’ll be learning about Witnessing Whiteness at a community meeting)

Friday — ORGANIZE.

  • Complete an organization mini-challenge Two, actually: a Treasure Trove of Post Ideas offered by Ms. Bookish and the mini-challenge on Trello by Kassiah at Pretty Sassy Cool
  • Finish the Books Read page if I didn’t get it done on Wednesday
  • Work on new habits for G+, Pinterest, email, and blog-reading
  • 8pm Central Time: participate in Twitter chat on organization

Saturday — BOOKS and READING.

  • Complete a mini-challenge about books and reading
  • Consider how I’m doing on my 2015 challenges and plan to make progress
  • Read something Fairest by Marissa Meyer
  • (No Twitter chat for me on Saturday because I’ll be attending a family gathering, an early Easter celebration to accommodate a college student on spring break)


  • Complete a mini-challenge that looks like fun
  • Investigate plug-ins that might help my site’s speed, security, or SEO
  • 2pm Central Time: participate in “free for all” Twitter chat

If I get even half of all that done, it will be a very good week! Are you joining the Bloggiesta party?

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My Bloggiesta Plan — 27 Comments

  1. Wow. You are going big with Bloggiesta. Good luck! Hope to see you around next week.

  2. Holy cow. Those are some ambitious Bloggiesta goals! I love the themes for each day, and may need to borrow those (with credit given, of course) and some of your to-do’s, as many are on my list as well.

    Have fun Bloggiesta-ing!

  3. Wow, Joy, you’re going to be BUSY! It’s a great idea, organizing your Bloggiesta plan according to the chat themes. I’m hoping to make some of the chats, and get to some of the challenges.

  4. Really like how you’ve organized your goals by day and theme! I transferred my Bloglovin’ feed to Feedly and am going to see how I like it once I get used to everything. Was pretty easy to move all of my groups, and I love easy! Google+ has been on my to-do list for awhile, as I’m still not 100% sure how to use it. Maybe this will be the week I finally figure it out! Good luck with all of your goals!

    Terri @ Alexia’s Books and Such…

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and the warm welcome to joining the bloggiesta 🙂 Enjoyed reading your articles, i’ll maybe pop by for a Brit-Isles-Fri contribution if not this week, another time (and now I know what a meme is too – can’t believe how long I’ve been reading that word in blogs and not taking any notice of it or how I didn’t actually know what it meant!)
    Best wishes 🙂

  6. You are amazingly organized, and getting so much done! I was scheduled to be out every night this week, so I decided not to try to join in on Bloggiesta this time, but have been trying to do some cheerleading here and there. Regarding G+, it looks like the Book Bloggers Do It Better community may end up over on Facebook instead, and that was really the only group that I was active in in G+. I have a G+ circle for Book Bloggers, though, and I think you’re in it!

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