Review-a-ThonI’m participating in my first ever Review-a-Thon, a monthly event at The Book Vixen.

Here’s Brianna’s blurb:

The Write On review-a-thon is a monthly event created and hosted by Brianna at The Book Vixen. It’s 2 days dedicated to getting reviews done, whether you have one review to write or 30+. This edition of the review-a-thon takes place all day Saturday, July 26th and Sunday, July 27th. Let’s get those reviews done!

I learned about Review-a-thon last week during mini-Bloggiesta, just about the time that I realized I wasn’t going to get done as much as I hoped. It was like being given a second chance to succeed!

Here are the reviews I want to write this weekend:

  • The Illustrated Longitude by Dava Sobel and William J.H. Andrewes scheduled for British Isles Friday on August 1
  • Some of My Best Friends Are Black by Tanner Colby scheduled for July 30
  • Writing for Emotional Impact by Karl Iglesias
  • Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh scheduled for July 31
  • The Diet Fix by Yoni Freedhoff scheduled for Weekend Cooking on August 2

I have some related activities, as well. I’d like to repost my reviews of The Pomodoro Technique (which I’ll be using this weekend, by the way) and the Slated series on Goodreads. I’d like to write a post about Benjamin Franklin in Paris similar to my Franklin in London post. And, I’d like to make an editorial / reading calendar for now through September.

That’s not too much, is it?

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List of Forthcoming Reviews #reviewathon — 6 Comments

  1. OMG, this is exactly the challenge I need!!
    I can’t participate this weekend, but I’ll check the upcoming dates for the next months 😉
    Hope you get all done!

  2. I so need to participate in this. I’m reading like crazy, but since my daughter is home from school right now I almost never turn on the computer. I have a pile of reviews to write and even more blogs to read. Thank goodness she will be at dance camp all next week.

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