New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge 2014

Graphic for New Year's Resolution Reading ChallengeWhat do you want to accomplish in the New Year? Will reading a book help you reach your goal, keep your resolution, or complete your project? The New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge starts now and goes through the end of January. Start the year off right by reading books that support your goals, resolutions, and projects.

Whether you want to write a novel, start a new career, or be happier, there are books to aid you in your quest. The New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge is to read one to four books that will stimulate action on your goals. Here are the levels:

Resolved: 1 book
Determined: 2 books
Committed: 3 books
Passionate: 4 books

The books can all support the same resolution — you could read four books on getting organized, for example. Or, read four books to help with four different projects — one book on moving to a foreign country, one book on health and fitness, one book on small business, and one book on knitting (on your way to becoming a healthy expat entrepreneur with great scarves).

Stay tuned for information on upcoming Twitter chats and our New Year Read-Along book. (Edited to add: here’s the info on the Twitter chats and Facebook page. The Read-Along book is The Happiness Project — join us at the sign-up post and get registered to win a free copy of The Power of Habit, last year’s Read-Along book).

If you post a sign-up post on your blog (not required, but it does help spread the word), feel free to borrow the logo and don’t forget to enter the link below so we can all visit! This link is for sign-ups only. Each Wednesday through January, there will be a link list for posts about your New Year Reading and your book reviews.

68 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge 2014”

  1. I decided this would be fun, copied “the rules” from this post, went to my blog and wrote a post about joining — then somehow (don’t ask me how) managed to “sign-up” on last year’s post:

    Can you get rid of that one for me? If not, does it matter? This looks like fun, and I’ve picked out my books for the challenge. Here’s my post:

    Will you have a Facebook page for this again this year?

  2. So my first thought was “I don’t think this is a good idea for me at this time.” I walked away and thought about the challenge and thought, “I already plan on reading 4 books in January anyway as part of my challenge to myself to clean out some of my clutter.” At this point, obviously, it clicked. I already promised myself to do something like this which means I could just add my name to the list and say “I’ll commit to reading 4 books in January.”

    I also like the idea of reading books that dovetail with my intentions. One thing I want to do is read more of my unread books. I have soooo many books and they all need to either be read or given new homes where they will be read and loved. So by the end of January, I’ll have read four books and I’ll either give them away or put them into my permanent library.

    Another thing I am going to be doing for myself is focusing on compassion and acceptance during 2014. I have a book on mindfulness and compassion so I’ll make that one of the first books I start to read in 2014 as part of my challenge.

    I’ll go through my shelves and see what other books will weave in nicely. Count me in for sure.

  3. Very cool idea! I have a stack that I want to tackle that will help with my New Year’s Resolution, and this is the perfect kick in the pants that I need! I plan on being Passionate about my Resolution!

  4. Lori Sailiata @LaraBrittWrites ~Around & About Hawaii

    I’m currently in a major blog/wesite/interwebz redesign, but I’m a passionate person.

    1) Toby Neal’s Twisted Vine, Unsound, & Somewhere in Maui (3 different books)
    –So I can write finish my book review series of her works on my Google Plus

    2) Write. Publish. Repeat. by Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant

    3) I’m also rereading all 15 of Copyblogger’s ebooks before I take the plunge
    and join their Authority program in January 2014. (about 2/3rd done)

    4) When I get that done, I’ve got a towering stack to keep me going!

    1. Only if you want to put a sign up post on your blog that you’d like other people to see. Welcome to both!

  5. I joined last year, and it helped me to finally clarify some goals and the steps needed to realize them. My focus is a bit different this year, and I am looking forward to it. For me, this challenge is a way of changing my life in small, manageable pieces.

  6. Great idea! I was planning on reading books to help with my resolutions, anyway, so I’ll gladly join in on this challenge. I hope I end up reading more than four, though. Will you be adding any more levels, or shall I just make my own? Thank you for hosting this challenge!

  7. Happy New Year to you Joy!

    I really loved this challenge last year so this is the first challenge I am officially signing up for in 2014!

    I am sharing it on Inspire Me Monday in the hopes that some other like-minded folk will find it and come your way!

    Thanks for hosting! I look forward to connecting with you again! 🙂

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