Sunday Salon for 10 June 2023 — 6 Comments

  1. Family trips long ago are fun to remember! You must be having fun re-visiting your long-ago vacation.
    best, mae at

  2. I have found that I can’t outline and plot things out. I have a couple of characters and I have a few vague ideas about where they might go, but I pretty much have to let the characters go and do as they like or they seem to get bored and drop away from the page. Then again I have decided to not worry about whether I write anything good! I’m glad you restarted and that you felt like it was your best writing week yet.

    I do the same thing with my reviews. I write down a few things on paper that strike me most about a book and then I sit down and write a little review. Again, I just write up my first thoughts, not concerning myself with whether or not I’m writing beautifully!

  3. I wish I did have problems starting a new book before writing a review of an old one. Problem is, I start several books at once….and just found one I thought had been given away. I must finish that one now! No discipline as a reader, I admit. Have a good week.

  4. I’m glad that your air quality wasn’t too bad. Ours was in the unhealthy range but still not as bad as those a bit further east than us. Have fun reliving your trip! That sounds like fun, to look back at special times and memories. 🙂

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