Sunday Salon for 5 February 2023 — 5 Comments

  1. I like Jeremy Irons so I will look for that movie. I still haven’t gotten Vera on DVD but it’s on my list.
    You are making progress on that novel!!

  2. My husband is going to help a friend set up her new faceting machine so I’m hoping to get to Emily in Paris.

    Your novel is coming along well. I go back and forth about my Yellowstone memoir. Should I make it a memoir or a novel? I’d probably be happier to do it as a novel.

    Joy, I’m so glad you are working hard to improve equity in education. You are right. We cannot let ourselves be discouraged by the negative.

  3. Great job stretching those groceries! I’m always envious of my neighbors whose driveways get hit by full sun so they’re able to get their cars out a good 3 days before I can. lol I always plan for 2 weeks of groceries whenever snow is in the forecast because I know I’ll be trapped longer than anyone else on my street. Today is the first day I’ll be able to get out since last Monday! Current temp at 10:50am is 50F Woo hoo! The neighbor’s dog is sprawled out in the sun looking so happy and content. lol

    Have a great week!

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