Queen’s Platinum Jubilee #BriFri — 3 Comments

  1. This weekend in Australia we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday – it has become just another long weekend and I do not know of any events planned to mark the jubilee. The weather is forecast to be cold and the Queen’s Birthday weekend traditionally marks the beginning of the skiiing season.

    I did see various news items from last weekend’s celebrations in England – I am glad they had good weather for it. It seems sad, although not surprising, that the Queen could not participate more.

    I have just published a post on my 3rd great grandfather’s brief attendance at a school in Guernsey. I was excited to find the reference but I would like to know more about his education.

  2. I only caught that it was happening by a casual remark an old coworker left on facebook. Then, my husband was watching “Last Week Tonight” and we saw the little Paddington Bear thing… was it a promo? an ad? or just a marketing opportunity? It was very cute.

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