Brexit Day #BriFri — 4 Comments

  1. The videos help me understand better, British politics are confusing to me at times!
    I hope you had a lovely and safe New Years celebration, Joy. I am grateful for your British Isles Friday linkups, it’s given me something to look forward to during this past year. Bright spot in my week!

  2. January 2, a Saturday, I have been catching up on my emailing, discovering your BriFri blog. I will enjoy reading and watching your posts! Still celebrating the holidays, here I share a link to video shenanigans from the GCN team (Global Cycling Network) which filmed its adventures pedaling the hills of Bath, England. While I was touristing there a few years ago, walking along the sidewalk in front of our B&B lodging, I was excited to see the GCN racing team peloton streaming down a hill at the corner, flash by us in their kits and fly up the street before us on a practice run. I had completely forgotten their HQ was Bath. For anyone who wants to learn more about the recreation and sport of bicycles, Go to the GCN network on YouTube for fun and sometimes hilarious training videos.

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