N is for Nerdiness #AtoZChallenge — 4 Comments

  1. I support and defend the nerdy people around me, and find they return the favor.

    I learned from a summer camp director named Pete, an elderly man who dressed garishly, like a modern day court fool. His denim shorts were blue, but the patch pockets were pink on the left, lime green on the right. He wore a lime sock on the left, and a pink one on the right so the colors criss crossed. When I child pointed out his mismatched socks, he told them his wife bought them on sale, two pairs because they were cheap. “I have another pair just like them.”

    He inspired kids to want to dress weird and silly, but they had packed to dress competitively instead, so they had to get creative. Bonus!

    When foxtail weeds were taking over the garden, he stuffed them in his pockets, socks, and hat band, to scare the others away. I suggested he try that with thistle, but he wasn’t quite that weird. I hung thistles on the side mirrors and rails of the camp truck. Not sure if it helped.

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