The Crown, Season 3 #TVReview #BriFri — 4 Comments

  1. I have not seen it yet but I’ll say I have always felt a bit sorry for the royals who are destined to inherit the crown. They have no choice, and while it may be a future they embrace its nice to have choice. I’m old enough to recall Charles as a young man prior to marrying Diana.

    Today I am linking up from my food blog rather than books.

  2. I loved the first 2 seasons so I am looking forward to season 3! It seems to me that Prince Charles has come into his own, less awkwardness, in his 60’s. With the scandal of Prince Andrew, not known for good decision making ever, the Royals are all over the news.

  3. That’s so cool you met Robin Wilson, and YES I just finished S3 of The Crown. So good! Thanks for the link to Erin’s interview. I love, love, love her as Anne! And the actor who played Larry Durrell is great as Charles!

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