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  1. Mr Books & I surprised ourselves by how much we enjoyed this series. It was a fascinating blend of fact and imaginative interpretation. By the end of the season, the opening credits had given the series a real Game of Thrones epic feel!!

    I’m deleting gated to hear there are more to come. I wonder if Helen Mirren will reprise her role as Queen for the older episodes?

  2. You always alert me to new books and shows that I know I would love to try. I had not heard of the Crown, I love how you described it. Also I have not seen a show where they age the actors appropriately, that would be very interesting too.

    I wondered the same thing about the liberties producers take with real life events. If you are a public figure I suppose you get used to seeing your name in everything from real news reports to tabloids though.

  3. FYI: there is a site called History vs Hollywood and they explain the facts verses what is depicted in a movie. Love this site but don’t read about a movie before you have watched it. Too many spoilers. Here is the one for The Crown and I see they had very appropriate selections for the actors.

    We watched Hidden Figures recently, excellent movie and highly recommended, this site explains how much was accurate.

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