A Monster Calls #FilmReview #BriFri — 6 Comments

  1. I haven’t seen this film but I’m intrigued. Oh, I will have to visit that church in Wiltshire when we are able to get a trip in, that’s a part of England we loved. So much to see there.

  2. I found the illustrations and the way they came to life absolutely mesmerizing. And while the both the movie and the original book are meant for both kids and adults I think many might find it too difficult. As you say there’s no way to avoid grief, the only thing is to work your way through it.

  3. I’d not heard of the book – but that’s just sort of me… Intriguing though I think. My favorite ‘wild’ setting is on the Orkneys – an old settlement that we used to visit as kids during the summers – Broch of Burrian … I’m obsessed with ‘footsteps’ before me concepts – so iron age works for that perfectly. And – the isles are wonderful – if a bit stark when there’s weather.

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