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  1. I don’t know where to start here. First off I didn’t know about the PBS passport, so I went and looked at that link. Then I was sidetracked when I saw Rufus Sewell so I looked there. I didn’t know the filming was in Yorkshire, one of my backlist places to go. And thanks for the links for Architectural Digest too!

    We are planning to move when we both retire and I imagine that means cable tv availability, I am definitely going to look into the PBS passport and finally get some of these shows.

  2. Oh I’m loving Victoria – and particularly the relationship with she and Albert – but I still think that the scenes with her and Lord Melbourne are my favorites… I knew about the Yorkshire sites -but I haven’t a clue whether I learned from a friend living there or from news reports. I’m assuming that you saw Call the Midwife from the mention of Emerald Fennell – I loved her as Patsy – but did you see her in The Danish Girl? It was marvelous – with another favorite – Eddie Redmayne…. No books this past week – but more next!

  3. Sunday nights won’t be the same without Victoria to look forward to. I love everything about the show from tiny Jenna Coleman to Rufus Sewell (my husband worked with him on Tristan & Isolde) as Lord Melborne to handsome Tom Hughes as Albert. And the musical theme. I adore the hallelujahs!
    I know all I’m doing is gushing but it does make me gush. Love love love!

  4. I’d forgotten that The Child in Time will be coming to Masterpiece next month. Based on the book by Ian McEwan (one of my favorite authors) the show stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Kelly MacDonald. It sounds like such a devastating tale but I’ll be watching that in lieu of Victoria.

  5. I have the second season ready to watch in a binge. I enjoyed the first season. Victoria and Abdul, enjoyed that movie knowing that in real life the Queen was supposed to be same high as wide. She has a line in it where she talks about her eating, got to love Judi Dench.

  6. Have you ever read the funtastic graphic novel about “Lovelace and Babbage”? It is so fun. Do not miss it! Meanwhile, I haven’t posted anything British this week, but there’s a blog event this month about Diana Wynne Jones and Terry Pratchett! And it’s Irish Reading Month too.

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