Two Films about Dunkirk #BriFri — 5 Comments

  1. Interesting take on Dunkirk, it was definitely male-centric and knowing my mother was busy back in England, doing her bit at a munitions factory of some kind, your comments struck home. I still haven’t seen Their Finest but it’s on my list as is Darkest Hour which, as you probably know, is about the order to bring the men back from Dunkirk. From what I gather Gary Oldman is a shoe in for an Oscar nomination.

  2. I’m very much interested in Darkest Hour. The previews looked good, fine acting. We had Dunkirk and when we realized it was almost 3 hours, we didn’t’ have time one evening and then the library wanted it back. That’s another I want to watch. Hadn’t heard of The Finest but that will surely go on my list too.

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