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  1. Ha ha – I like the newspaper headline! It reminded me of one in a local Scottish paper in the area where Mr Trump owns a golf course. It read ‘Local business man elected US President’.

  2. I love that headline you highlighted too! Although to be honest, I had no idea who Markle was, as I’m not a Suit watcher. She did seem lovely and intelligent and forward thinking in the interview, they both seemed so happy. The whole question of her being a princess brings me back to my childhood when, believe it or not, I had a huge crush on Prince Charles. This makes more sense if you know that I’m 64 years old, born in Britain and still a British subject. Anyway, I told my British mother that I wanted to grow up and marry the Prince. Her response, that I couldn’t marry Charles because I was a ‘commoner’ is how it used to be! At the time, it made me cry.

    Not a lot has changed. Meghan won’t technically be a princess, instead, according to experts in the Daily Mirror, she’ll probably be Her Royal Highness Meghan, Duchess of Sussex-the dukedom the queen has reserved for Prince Harry.

    Still, I’m sure we’ll think of her as a princess, and a beautiful one at that!

  3. I’m with Sim – except that I had no desire to marry Charles. It’s good to have a good news story and they are a lovely couple; I really hope it works out. I wonder if Trump will be invited to the wedding, having had the cheek to tell our PM what to do?

    I thought I’d give you a link to some nice pictures of interesting castles – nothing too taxing! But if you want to know more, click on the photos. This article was inspired by seeing so many similar-looking pieces on various travel sites written by people who had no idea what they were talking about and who had obviously never visited the castles either…

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