Priority Grid for Motivation and Time Management — 4 Comments

  1. That is a good one. I keep an appointment calendar on my desk and have everything on it as far as actual appointments and blog posts topics and ideas. Very basic. I like how you have added attributes for creativity. I could incorporate that since time spent being creative, I sew, helps with everything else. Then there is exercise time too!

  2. Joy, this is a great idea. Mostly I can sort this stuff out in my head, but sometimes I find some great ideas swimming around, and I can be paralyzed to actually start something. I have used this type of grid before in a professional sense, but I like your other criteria here…. creativity the process, is just as important as the product or outcome.

  3. I want to pile on and thank you for this. I really need something like this to help me and straight lists don’t seem to be doing the job. Thanks for a good idea that I can implement right away.

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