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  1. I have good things about Mary Balough, so recently read her ‘Secret Affair’, in which a young widow has an affair with an attractive rake. Although she is a good storyteller, the story seemed to be about modern people in fancy dress – there was no concern about pregnancy, which would have ruined her, or STDs, which were incurable. However, the story above seems interesting – I’ll give her another try.

    Have you read any Georgette Heyer? She invented regency romance, and is still queen of the genre. I think you’d like her if you don’t already know her.

  2. A series I got from the library is the “Detectorists”. It is also available through some other streaming venues. It sounds really boring, a couple of homely men metal detecting but it is a slice of life feel good series!

  3. I spent a lot of time in the hospital last year so I read all of the books in the Survivor series after reading your reviews. Nice and light reading that didn’t require me to think too much. A couple of them dragged a bit for me- I think because I read them so close together that the formula of them became kind of old for me but thanks for reviewing them- they were perfect for my situation 😊

  4. Sorry Joy, I’ve just learned that not only does the link not work, the post has disappeared! Not sure if I’ve been hacked or what. I’ll repost and let you know. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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