New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge Update #NewYearBooks — 5 Comments

  1. Wow, Joy, you have some weighty goals and reads to kick off the New Year! I am continuing to work on my health, nutrition and fitness goals in the New Year as well as look for ways to create more space in my life (I seem to be attracted to every book on Sabbath, rest and retreat that I can find at the moment!)

    I am currently going through my stacks of books to pull the ones I want to read and sorting them by category so, as always, I’ll probably have more than 4 that fit into my Resolutions category – it’s just a matter of which ones I end up reading and reviewing first!

    Happy Hew Year and thanks again for hosting – I truly look forward to this challenge ever year! 🙂

  2. Happy New Year! I’m hoping to get back to book blogging, along with improving my diet and fitness (adding yoga and strength training to the aerobic exercise I already do). As always, you are an inspiration in all those areas!

    • I recently started adding yoga and ST to the walking that I’ve been very consistent with for a long time. I’m amazed how fast I’m seeing improvement. Not just in the exercise but also in the ease of doing things like emptying the dishwasher or picking things up off the floor.

      • I went to try my first YogaFit class last Wed., got myself to the Y for a 7 A.M. class (!) and first thing I see when I get in the building is a sign saying “YogaFit Class Canceled Today”. I am going to try again, but was supposed to go this morning and stayed home to blog instead. Will go on Wed. morning and try again this week!

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