Black Friday in the UK #BriFri — 5 Comments

  1. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving Joy! I’m writing this, as I usually do, from bed. I can’t imagine stirring from my morning routine to face the crowds and lines for some supposed amazing deal. It just has never been my idea of fun.

  2. I’m afraid Black Friday doesn’t mean much in our household. If we needed something, we’d obviously take notice of it – but we don’t at the moment and haven’t begun to seriously think about Christmas. I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving. To coincide with this, I have written a couple of pieces about George Washington – especially for the many thousands that regularly read A Bit About Britain across the Pond :-).

  3. We never do anything for Black Friday, but this morning we were staying with BIL and SIL, so SIL and I went out to do a little needed shopping that had nothing to do with the day. I did get 30% off a book though, at a specialty bookshop, so that was nice.

  4. Of course my company does Black Friday by putting all our black sleepwear on sale.
    There is a store that offers half off all socks for Black Friday and I do go and stock up. The only brands they don’t carry that I like are Hue for their tights and Smart Wool, but every other brand is there. It is a fun atmosphere too with the store opening at 5 AM and the sale stops at 1. They put out cider and coffee and donuts. It is easy to pick up some extra socks for the homeless at the same time.

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