Multiple Cultures in the UK and the US #BriFri — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve never been to Birmingham but it’s on the list. Probably for retirement when we can spend more time traveling the country, I like the looks of the area, from what you posted, and the hotel too.

  2. I think Birmingham gets a bad rap because it’s architecture is modern compared to London, Oxford and Cambridge. It was bombed so of course it looks different! My husband is a Land Rover person and the plant and driving courses and castle are not far from Birmingham. While he was at class I explored the city and it was wonderfully diverse, great snacking of different cultures.

  3. I’ve noticed just on the British telly I watch that there are many more Muslims and people of color presented in ordinary situations while here if we show a Muslim woman with head gear, we’re making something out of it. And if you look at the background extras on British shows, it’s the same thing. Not at all unusual to show a diversity of culture. I live in a diverse urban area of L.A. but it’s a rare neighborhood and most of my friends live in white suburbia.
    I heard somewhere that Idris Elba was looking forward to working in the states because in England a black man had a certain ceiling whereas in the states it was more wide open. We’re bigger obviously, but I’m not certain he’s entirely correct. We tend to make stereotypes of our black men, not treat them as fully developed people outside of their color.

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