Not Knowing Practice #CompassionateSunday — 4 Comments

  1. LOVE this, Joy!

    I abhor judgment. But I found myself judging those that judged me, and knew I was such a hypocrite.

    So for the past two years I have focused on releasing judgment and instead practicing the sage advice of Atticus Finch: Put yourself in their shoes for a while …

    I’m not sure it is something I will ever perfect, but at least I am now more aware of my shortcomings.

  2. Our sermon this morning was on humility. I have to continually remind myself of my many failings to keep my spirit humble.

    Judgment is something I struggle with, too. It arises out of that same I-Know-Everything self.

    Yes, we must be compassionate with ourselves, I know, but I also need to keep an humble spirit.

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