Doctor Who Christmas Specials #BriFri — 9 Comments

  1. I started with the ninth doctor. I find nothing weird at all with watching back to back Christmas specials! I want to see this year’s in the theater but my husband isn’t up to date yet. He’s just started season 8.

  2. My first Doctor Who was also Tom Baker. As the library finally acquired the entire series we did check out season one and got started on it. I was hoping to get to David Tennent but never have gotten back to it. Maybe I will pick that up for the weekend.

    I would love to see a Dr Who Christmas but I can assure you, little backwater Tallahassee Fl will not be getting it in theaters either!

    • I saw the 50th anniversary episode in theaters. It was so much fun seeing it with an enthusiastic audience. I looked it up for you and it is playing on 12/28 at the AMC in Tallahassee but it might not make any sense to you if you haven’t already seen River’s story.

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  4. Joy, in regard to the comment you made on my site about British Book Challenges: maybe there is a book challenge that’s Anglophile -centric (is that a word?).
    Books set in the British Isles, that works for me!

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