The Long and Short of Book Club #SundaySalon #WeNeedDiverseBooks — 8 Comments

  1. Those look good to me. When I skimmed your list last week, I thought you didn’t have many novels, but this time it looks like you have quite a few novels in there, including in the final 10. Sad to say, but I’m not much of a nonfiction reader, but it looks like you have a good selection there.

  2. Wow! There are so many books that you considered. How many suggestions could each member make?

    I might pick up March for the upcoming readathon. I finally figured out last time that graphic novels are the ways to go!

  3. That looks like a really good list. I have been in groups that pick them all at once and groups that pick one at a time. I prefer the second approach. It feels better to choose based on how I feel at that time.

  4. Wow. Great list with lots of diversity (on several levels!) I highly recommend the graphic novel March Vol 1 and Vol 2. I’m waiting for Vol 3 rather impatiently! Anyway, just found your blog and am finding it hard to stop digging around. Thanks for doing such a good job!

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