Separated by a Common Language #BriFri — 4 Comments

  1. Funny how much we’ve come to rely on GoodReads isn’t it? I did have a few years in the 70’s where I jotted down everything I read in a music composition notebook; something about the unique layout of the lines appealed I guess. It’s a good thing I wrote them down because like your experience with Bill Bryson, I’ve forgotten that I read many of them. Vague recollections if anything.
    Love watching Brit telly and fascinated by the differences in our language too. Right now I keep noticing the expression “you’ve got the wrong end of the stick” to mean you don’t understand, you’ve got it all wrong. Quite an interesting derivation! Cheers, Happy British Isles Friday!

  2. Hope you don’t mind my chipping in. To me, every day is Britain day..! The English language is an enormous, and fascinating, topic. As you probably know, there are huge varieties over here, let alone across the rest of the world. Unfortunately, regional differences are becoming blurred in the UK, dialects are softening – though it’s still possible to distinguish between, say, broad Glaswegian and Cornish. The best, most readable, book I have come across is the one you mention – I’m looking at a copy of it right now. What of regional differences in your country? I’m sure they’re more subtle than an ignorant Brit’s general understanding of ‘east coast’ or ‘deep south’!

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