Colorful Locavore Cole Slaw #WeekendCooking — 10 Comments

  1. Both photos are beautiful! My mom taught me that salting trick ,and I agree that it works well. I’ve been making (or sometimes buying) a poppy seed dressing for my coleslaw these days.

  2. I love the flowers! So pretty. I like your new layout too.
    You know, as much as I make cole slaw I never thought about adding different colored cabbage to it. I use carrot and it has orange ribbons but I sure like the looks of yours.

  3. I make a similar dressing, only with kefir for the creamy part. And you can use that salting trick with thinly sliced onion as well, if you want to add a bit of that to your slaw. Very yummy.

  4. I wish I had seen this recipe earlier. I was looking for something festive to take to a party yesterday. This would have been perfect.

    Your blog looks lovely!

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